Fresh new gig coming up! We even makin’ some new songs!

We’re getting ready and excited to play alongside Hustlebot, the Improv Troupe that brought us to fame and glory back in the late 80′s. Come out and see us! Details below.

Bruce Hornsby is so pumped about it, he decided to Bait & Switch himself:

Hornsby Bait & Switches Himself

November 2, 2013
Arcade Comedy Theater
811 Liberty Ave.


Brand Spanking New: Arcade Comedy Theater!

You may have heard that a new comedy theater is opening in downtown Pittsburgh.Arcade Comedy Theater will be a hub for all varieties of funny in the Burgh, from sketch, improv, and standup to music, vaudeville, and experimental comedy. I saw a juggling yo-yo guy at the “friends & family” event last weekend and it was Fan. Flipping. Tastic.

We’re thrilled to be a part of their Grand Opening events and hope you can make it out to at least one of the whopping FOUR shows they’ll have that weekend!

Below are the two where you can see Bait & Switch. Information for the other shows can be found on Arcade Comedy Theater’s website.

Grand Opening: Friday 8pm Show with Pittsburgh Dad
Grand Opening: Saturday 8pm Show with Gene Collier

Check it aht, yinz guyz!

Don’t Call It a Comeback

Is this a dream? Where am I? Everything is spinning. Why am I soaking wet? And wearing a weird (yet oddly arousing) seashell bra?

Bait & Switch has been on a bit of a hiatus. Half of us got married this summer (Congrats, Switch!), and the other half may or may not have stowed away on a Disney Cruise ship and pulled the ol’ switcheroo on an innocent little 19 year old they just hired to portray Ariel.

I’m gonna get down from this rock and put on some damn clothes. You have plenty of time to take a disco nap, grab a shower, and eat some fiber before FNI tonight at 11pm in Pitt’s Studio Theater — which will cost you only $3!

See you there, suckers!

– Bait

Video: I’m On a Love Boat (Live at First Night)

Remember that boat we just could NOT shut-the-eff-up about? Well, one of the songs we put together for that gig ended up being a perfect set-closer, so we dun’ kept it. It seems a little odd to sing about boats when your feet are firmly planted on dry land, but have you met us? We’re odd.

In all its glory from the First Night event, courtesy of the video magic that is Eric & Erik (have you guys considered going into business together?), Bait & Switch proudly presents:

“I’m On A Love Boat” (Live at First Night)

Again, major props to Erik Truby and Eric S. Donaldson for video & audio, and Eric D. for editing and uploading to the Tube for us.

Anyone else still feel like they’re on a boat? No? Just me then.

Our First First Night

We had an absolute ball playing for First Night! Both audiences were wonderful and responsive. They totally got the joke, and it seemed as though they appreciated the music, too. That’s a winning combo in our book.

We sold a couple dozen of our buttons and a few new fans have found us on facebook and here on the site (hi guys!), so we’d call that a smash success.

We really want to thank all our friends and fans, old and new, for supporting us. Thanks for everything!

We’re working on some audio and maybe even some video from the first set. We’ll keep you posted.

Happy New Year, yinz.

– Bait

Things We Wish We’d Thought Of First: Bad Lip Reading

If you have not yet jumped aboard the Bad Lip Reading bandwagon, GIT ON UP HERE. These videos are fantastic, but not just because they’re funny. The songs are incredibly well done, which I think may often go unnoticed. People are so caught up in how funny the video part is that they fail to appreciate the music and all the hard work that had to go into it.

Even if you’ve watched this already, I urge you this time to pay attention to the original song they wrote, recorded, and produced.

Kudos to the creators!