Bait & Switching Dem Stillers at FNI!

Don’t miss a very special Steelers-themed B&S set this coming Friday, February 4 at Friday Nite Improvs! The show starts at 11PM. We’re gonna showcase the shit out of it, so let’s get pumped for the big game… by which we mean Freeze, of course.

If you feel like studying up, check out our parodies of Steeler Ladies and Steel Defense, as well as our “hair band” switch-up of Black & Yellow on Funny or Die! We also recommend getting to know the original by Wiz Khalifa, which will help you appreciate our version even more.

Find out more about FNI on their website or on Twitter under @Improvs. We can also be found on Twitter under @BaitNSwitch, or you can be our fan on facebook.

You know what it is!


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