YouTube Tuesday: Meh Life

Our Jem video has been getting a lot of comments lately, so this week’s post is again inspired by it. Let’s see what we’ve got here…

 photo Picture14.png

Wow, that is quite a commentary! Obviously “Seanuladarling” is some sort of cartoon expert who has a lot of stake in covers of their theme music. What else could arouse such a long-winded, melodramatic rant?

Our investigators over at BnS Headquarters did a little detective work and were able to locate what we strongly believe is the true identity of this user.

WARNING: Contents may be disturbing to some viewers (but are SFW).


Ok, deep breaths, everyone. And don’t worry, we didn’t try to make any contact. We know a dangerous sociopath when we see one!

CU Next Tuesday,

– Bait


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