Brand Spanking New: Arcade Comedy Theater!

You may have heard that a new comedy theater is opening in downtown Pittsburgh.Arcade Comedy Theater will be a hub for all varieties of funny in the Burgh, from sketch, improv, and standup to music, vaudeville, and experimental comedy. I saw a juggling yo-yo guy at the “friends & family” event last weekend and it was Fan. Flipping. Tastic.

We’re thrilled to be a part of their Grand Opening events and hope you can make it out to at least one of the whopping FOUR shows they’ll have that weekend!

Below are the two where you can see Bait & Switch. Information for the other shows can be found on Arcade Comedy Theater’s website.

Grand Opening: Friday 8pm Show with Pittsburgh Dad
Grand Opening: Saturday 8pm Show with Gene Collier

Check it aht, yinz guyz!


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