Bait & Switch has been going at it in Pittsburgh, PA since around 2006. Comprised of two members, Sean G. Donaldson and Addi Twigg, the duo will twist your favorite pop songs into something so terrible and beautiful that you won’t want to look away.

The pair has performed at charity events, variety shows, comedy gigs, and even weddings — but has become something of an unofficial darling of the Pittsburgh improv comedy scene. Bait & Switch performs frequently at Pitt’s Friday Nite Improvs, the city’s only all audience-participation improv show, and we have made pals with Hustlebot, Pittsburgh’s tallest improv comedy troupe.

Though most of our time is spent on warping the styles of various pop songs, we have been known to make the occasional “traditional” parody (changing the lyrics of the song) on behalf of local sports fans. That’s right, we’re Steelers and Penguin fans! Wait, what do you mean Pittsburgh has a baseball team?

Bait & Switch will try almost anything once — just ask us nicely! We hope you enjoy snooping around the site. Contact Us if you want to chat. We know you had a stressful day.