Pittsburgh rules, and that’s church.

Hey kids. Addi here. I usually try to write these posts from the POV of the band, but this week it’s really just from my perspective. I know, I know, get my OWN blog, right?
I’m working on it…

You can probably tell that I have an affinity for the Burgh. Why else would I have agreed to do so many Pittsburgh related parody songs? It sure ain’t for the money, if that’s what you’re thinking (don’t get me wrong, the money is great, it’s just that you grow tired of a private yacht after a while. Right, Beyoncé?) If Pittsburgh were a man, I’d marry it. If it were a woman, I’d probably make out with it, but only a little, and only if we were both drunk at the time (but we’d totally still be BFFs after that).

What I’m trying to say is that I LOVE Pittsburgh. I love it so much that I traded my beautiful singing voice to a sea witch just for a chance at living here (it’s working out just fine, why do you ask?). I love the view from the Duquesne Incline, where I eloped last February. I love the one-two punch that is coming through the Fort Pitt Tunnel for the first time. I love Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, the Steelers, our 400+ bridges, that stupid accent, and all you jagoffs out there, too. I love the cruddy, steel town history that we labored through to become the city we are today, recognized for education, medicine, and technology (Psssst, Google? Call me).

It’s not just the clichés and tired old touristy stuff that do it for me, though. I also have an affection for the comedy scene and the arts, and there are a couple great blogs out there in the Steel City that are worth following. The most prominent is probably That’s Church, a funny, thought-provoking, and often charitable blog written by the force behind PittGirl of yore. She’s alright in my book because she uses her powers for good and for awesome. She just posted a nod to our “Pittsburgh State of Mind” parody, which is what got my I-Love-Pittsburgh juices flowing again. Bait & Switch produced that recording with Mike Moats because we love this town, and to have someone else who loves Pittsburgh share it with her plethora of fellow Pittsburgh Lovers pretty much put the cherry on top of the proverbial pierogi. So thanks for that, Ginny.

In the future, I will try not to gush so much. I just had to get this out there so as not to burst. Thanks for listening. And hey, if you ever meet a half-woman, half-octopus, this blog post never happened…


YouTube Tuesday: School Project

Aaaaaand we’re back! I was on vacation last week and I’m still feeling a little lazy, so let’s keep it simple this week. This comment was posted to our Penguin Fans fight song by user jkm1996. Here is the original comment:

 photo schoolprojectyt.jpg

Seems innocuous enough, right? Right. But here’s what it looks like in my head:

 photo schoolproject.jpg

I think the grammatical errors probably allow for a more accurate portrayal of Bieber, so I decided not to fix them.

Until next time, you shameless Bieber fans, you!

– Bait

YouTube Tuesday: Meh Life

Our Jem video has been getting a lot of comments lately, so this week’s post is again inspired by it. Let’s see what we’ve got here…

 photo Picture14.png

Wow, that is quite a commentary! Obviously “Seanuladarling” is some sort of cartoon expert who has a lot of stake in covers of their theme music. What else could arouse such a long-winded, melodramatic rant?

Our investigators over at BnS Headquarters did a little detective work and were able to locate what we strongly believe is the true identity of this user.

WARNING: Contents may be disturbing to some viewers (but are SFW).


Ok, deep breaths, everyone. And don’t worry, we didn’t try to make any contact. We know a dangerous sociopath when we see one!

CU Next Tuesday,

– Bait

NEW! YouTube Tuesday: Some Real Gems

Welcome to the first installment of our new feature:
YouTube Tuesday!

We get some, uh, intriguing comments on our YouTube videos.
This isn’t surprising. We post weird stuff.
It doesn’t seem fair to hoard them all to ourselves,
so we decided to share the best of them with you.

These posts will not necessarily occur every week, but they
will always occur on Tuesdays. So tuck that into your top hat.

Without further ado, here is this week’s featured comment!

This will actually be a twofer from our version of the “Theme from Jem.”

CardboardLawyer seems pleased with our offering:

 photo Picture11.png

Aw, shucks. You’re making us blush with all of our blushings!
Let’s see what this guy had to say…

 photo Picture12.png

Oh. Oh my. Well. We’re… sorry? Here, try this palate cleanser.

Well, there you have it, folks. Bait & Switch: dividing audiences since… uh…
last month? We hope you enjoyed the new feature. Until next time!